Name Scene: tchoum

From: France
City: Paris

Living in: France

style: frenchcore


pumpcorn records

Gaijin records

exode records

This is in 2003 that I first discover the free party background! I litteraly spend all my weekends in free party and I'm really sized by a passion for this background...
It will take some time but I buy my first turntables in 2008 and begins to learn how to mix. But I quickly find out that it's not for me.
Then, in 2008 on a sunday morning, back from free party, a friend of mine who is musician shows to me in a few minutes the MAO program "ableton live" and I really fall in love with this. Clearly creating my own sounds is what I want to do. I try out Live during 6 months and then finsh my first track and soon after that my first live set.
This is when I join ATN sound system in which I'll stay for about two years, playing in our parties my live sets in styles like hardtek tribe hardcore and tribecore.
From here I meet SMK in 2009 and it don't take a long time before I join him in DFC sound system, and that's in our parties that I usually play my live sets today.
The same year, Trashbak 76 from KMR (Kritical Mass Rekordz) offers me to have one of my tracks on the Ovnivor 04 (vinyl from their sub label Ovnivor). We quickly become friends, joins the KMR label and on the end of 2011, gives me the occasion to be artistic director of a new subdivision from KMR, which is dedicated to nuskool tribecore and frenchcore: GaiJin Rekordz, which first vinyl is released on summer 2012 and contains my very first frenchcore track.
At this moment I begins to compose frenchcore tracks and live sets and really have fun in this style... No doubt that my future creations will persist on this style!...

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