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Striker play at Decibel Outdoor [18.08.18]

Decibel outdoor 2018: Fuelled by Fanatics ⚡

This summer, goosebumps will be guaranteed at Decibel outdoor! We are going to shake things to its foundations in a way no-one has ever experienced before. We are going to generate an unrivaled outburst of positive energy, Fuelled by you ♥

The loudest festival on earth 🔊That is going to happen on Saturday August 18, 2018. With over 200 artists and 15 stages, spread out around 6 districts, all harder styles are represented. This is your ultimate festival destination. Decibel outdoor 2018 consists of an unthinkable number of destinations, fuelled by our mighty Powerstation.

All Decibel outdoor 2018 info ➡ Book your travel package ➡

🗓 Start ticket sale: ➡ 12.05.2018 - Saturday- and weekend tickets

🎵Line-up: FESTIVAL

The Forest 🌳

Abandoned Church ⛪ Angerfist Destructive Tendencies: album showcase Dr. peacock & Sefa Furyan live Mad Dog Miss K8 N-Vitral Noize Suppressor vs Unexist Reckless feat. Promo & Catscan Restrained Spitnoise The Melodyst Hosted by Diesel

Toxic Lab ⚗ €lit€ live Andy the Core vs F.NoIzE Chaotic Hostility Deadly Guns live DRS & NSD Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Hyrule War Lady Dammage vs D-Fence Partyraiser Sjammienators Spitnoise vs Angernoizer The Sickest Squad Hosted by Tha Watcher

Dark Coalmine 🌑 Akira: Oldschool vinyl set Dissoactive Drokz Goetia Groan-er Mithridate Stinger Striker The Vizitor Tripped Hosted by No-ID

Trailer Park ☠ Dither eDub I:gor Ophidian Penta Sei2ure Somniac One The Outside Agency Thrashmachine feat. Thrasher & Deathmachine Tugie Hosted by Dart

The Lake 🌊

Hydro Station ⚓ B-Front Bass Chaserz Clockartz D-sturb Deetox - Bring The Riot live Frequencerz Gunz for Hire live Radical Redemption Rebelion Rejecta Sub zero project Warface Hosted by Nolz

Floating Wind Farm 🌬 Adrenalize ANYD SVGE Audiotricz Coone D-block & S-te-Fan Demi Kanon Devin Wild Primeshock Psyko Punkz The Prophet Zatox Hosted by Tellem

Southern Swamp 🎑 Apexx Caine: The Hardstyle Viking live Chris One Delete vs Mind Dimension E-Force Imperatorz Jason Payne Main Concern Malice Neroz Regain Unresolved Hosted by Livid

The Road 🛣

The Garage ⛽ A2 Records Tribute by Alpha Twins Balistic Davide Sonar Deepack vs Luna Isaac Oldschool Modulators The Pitcher: SMACK live The R3belz Triple T from Italy feat. Tatanka, Technoboy & Tuneboy Unlike Others feat. Crypsis & Chain Reaction Hosted by Da Syndrome

Truck Stop 🚛 Bass-D Catscan Endymion Hard Creation feat. Neophyte & Panic Headbanger Kasparov Nosferatu Paul Elstak live Promo Taxtorm Legends feat. Art of Fighters, The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker Hosted by Alee

Tires & Tracks 🚧 Benny Rodrigues Ghost Gizmo JP Lars Parkneger Rob Stanton Vince Hosted by Joe

Motel-Inn 🏨 Bountyhunter Buzz Fuzz Jappo & Lancinhouse MD&A live Panic: 2 hours set Predator Ruffneck live: 25 Years Of Fuck You Scott Brown The Prophet Yves & MC Jerky Hosted by Jeff

WEEKEND 🏕 Friday kick-off party Angerfist vs N-Vitral live Atmozfears Code Black Frequencerz Galactixx Paul Elstak Wildstyles Hosted by DV8

Saturday nightparty Dr. Peacock live Miss K8 vs Tha Playah Prefix & Density Requiem Hosted by Nolz

Sunday closing party Adaro vs Digital Punk Bass Modulators & Audiotricz Brennan Heart Cyber Phuture Noize Retrospect Friends of Pussy lounge feat. Paul Elstak, Darkraver, Zany, Panic & Alee Hosted by DL

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