Striker play at Decibel Outdoor [18.08.18]

Decibel outdoor 2018: Fuelled by Fanatics ⚑

This summer, goosebumps will be guaranteed at Decibel outdoor! We are going to shake things to its foundations in a way no-one has ever experienced before. We are going to generate an unrivaled outburst of positive energy, Fuelled by you β™₯

The loudest festival on earth πŸ”ŠThat is going to happen on Saturday August 18, 2018. With over 200 artists and 15 stages, spread out around 6 districts, all harder styles are represented. This is your ultimate festival destination. Decibel outdoor 2018 consists of an unthinkable number of destinations, fuelled by our mighty Powerstation.

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πŸ—“ Start ticket sale: ➑ 12.05.2018 - Saturday- and weekend tickets

🎡Line-up: FESTIVAL

The Forest 🌳

Abandoned Church β›ͺ Angerfist Destructive Tendencies: album showcase Dr. peacock & Sefa Furyan live Mad Dog Miss K8 N-Vitral Noize Suppressor vs Unexist Reckless feat. Promo & Catscan Restrained Spitnoise The Melodyst Hosted by Diesel

Toxic Lab βš— €lit€ live Andy the Core vs F.NoIzE Chaotic Hostility Deadly Guns live DRS & NSD Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Hyrule War Lady Dammage vs D-Fence Partyraiser Sjammienators Spitnoise vs Angernoizer The Sickest Squad Hosted by Tha Watcher

Dark Coalmine πŸŒ‘ Akira: Oldschool vinyl set Dissoactive Drokz Goetia Groan-er Mithridate Stinger Striker The Vizitor Tripped Hosted by No-ID

Trailer Park ☠ Dither eDub I:gor Ophidian Penta Sei2ure Somniac One The Outside Agency Thrashmachine feat. Thrasher & Deathmachine Tugie Hosted by Dart

The Lake 🌊

Hydro Station βš“ B-Front Bass Chaserz Clockartz D-sturb Deetox - Bring The Riot live Frequencerz Gunz for Hire live Radical Redemption Rebelion Rejecta Sub zero project Warface Hosted by Nolz

Floating Wind Farm 🌬 Adrenalize ANYD SVGE Audiotricz Coone D-block & S-te-Fan Demi Kanon Devin Wild Primeshock Psyko Punkz The Prophet Zatox Hosted by Tellem

Southern Swamp πŸŽ‘ Apexx Caine: The Hardstyle Viking live Chris One Delete vs Mind Dimension E-Force Imperatorz Jason Payne Main Concern Malice Neroz Regain Unresolved Hosted by Livid

The Road πŸ›£

The Garage β›½ A2 Records Tribute by Alpha Twins Balistic Davide Sonar Deepack vs Luna Isaac Oldschool Modulators The Pitcher: SMACK live The R3belz Triple T from Italy feat. Tatanka, Technoboy & Tuneboy Unlike Others feat. Crypsis & Chain Reaction Hosted by Da Syndrome

Truck Stop πŸš› Bass-D Catscan Endymion Hard Creation feat. Neophyte & Panic Headbanger Kasparov Nosferatu Paul Elstak live Promo Taxtorm Legends feat. Art of Fighters, The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker Hosted by Alee

Tires & Tracks 🚧 Benny Rodrigues Ghost Gizmo JP Lars Parkneger Rob Stanton Vince Hosted by Joe

Motel-Inn 🏨 Bountyhunter Buzz Fuzz Jappo & Lancinhouse MD&A live Panic: 2 hours set Predator Ruffneck live: 25 Years Of Fuck You Scott Brown The Prophet Yves & MC Jerky Hosted by Jeff

WEEKEND πŸ• Friday kick-off party Angerfist vs N-Vitral live Atmozfears Code Black Frequencerz Galactixx Paul Elstak Wildstyles Hosted by DV8

Saturday nightparty Dr. Peacock live Miss K8 vs Tha Playah Prefix & Density Requiem Hosted by Nolz

Sunday closing party Adaro vs Digital Punk Bass Modulators & Audiotricz Brennan Heart Cyber Phuture Noize Retrospect Friends of Pussy lounge feat. Paul Elstak, Darkraver, Zany, Panic & Alee Hosted by DL

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