Always passionate about music, it's at 23 years old, FullBurst (Steve) started his life of self-taught composer by the guitar, in the style "metal". It was during a simple evening that he discovered hardcore, in 2015. Very quickly, influenced by artists like Ophidian, he turned to the industrial style. Less than a year later, he began producing his first demos for fun. By learning to mix the tracks of his favorite artists, he wanted to challenge himself to go further, not only for bookings but also in production. But 2017 was the year of his greatest progress, thanks to his meeting with his mentor and friend Hellsystem, which allowed him to make his production professional. This meeting will allow Fullburst to release his first track at Exode Records in 2018 and to integrate the label. His style has become more complex industrial, with unhealthy atmospheres, dark melodies and influence "crossbreed and drum & bass".


Name Scene: Fullburst

From; Switzerland

City; La Chaux de Fonds

Living in; Switzerland

Style; Industrial/Crossbreed

exode records

Aurora Mortem Records

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